NTS @ Web

NTS @ Web applications was created for users who need access to the position of the vehicle from anywhere where they have Internet access. The application is accessed through a link and with logging you gain access to the vehicle position, history of motion and the basic set of reports.

In this application the user has the option to view the following modules:

  • Map module where the user can see the current position and status of vehicles on the map
  • Vehicle module where the user has the option to view each vehicle and its status with real time information on the motions
  • History module in which the user can view the history of the motions of the vehicle with all the stops
  • Reports module in which the user can do the reports that are required, namely: routes, stops, violations, fuel consumption, motion statistics and so on.

Minimal technical requirements for access to the application:

  • Internet connection of at least 500 kb/sec
  • Internet browser – Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Link for access.