Fleet management is a system consisting of hardware and software tools that enables fast and simple fleet management, fleet optimization and cost control.
During the selection process of the fleet management system service provider, there are few important things to consider:

  • User friendliness and quick implementation
  • A good mobile network coverage, GPS signal and organizational factors (service, support, etc.)
  • Access via different platforms (desktop, web, mobile)
  • User-support
  • Integration with other systems

NTS offers a wide range of services for successful fleet management. The very core of the system consists of a GPS modem unit and a desktop or web application.

The installation of the device can be carried out at any location suitable for the user. One of our corporate strengths is flexibility and ability to meet customer requirements regarding deadlines and location of the installation.

Yes, it is possible; the user can perform a system upgrade any time or even monitor a part of his fleet with the vehicle tracking system NTS-Tracking, and the other part of the fleet with the NTS-Telemetry.

You can reach NTS on weekdays and weekends. To see contact details, follow this link (contact page), and if you wish to send us an email message, you can do it by clicking here.


The NTS Desktop application is based on Java technology, so it runs on Windows OS (XP or later), Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux OS.
Yes, both applications can be used simultaneously.
Yes, the iPhone Application can also be used.


  • To access the NTS@Web application, click here.
  • For login-data, please call one of the following phone numbers.

  • The application can be downloaded to your device by visiting the Play Store (enter NTSMobile in Search field) or via desktop computers by clicking on this LINK
  • Login-username is the same as for the NTS-Desktop application
  • If you need assistance, please call one of the following phone numbers.